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Fall Fashion Inspiration: Leopard

I just love fall fashion so pulling out my fall wardrobe and putting away my summer dresses and shorts makes me very happy.  One thing that I love to do before seasons change is to get some new inspiration from Pinterest.  Leopard print is always the first thing that I think of for fall, so I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to wear leopard!

I love the two different looks with the leopard coat.  The chambray and leather leggings is such an easy and chic look.  Even if you don’t have leather leggings you can achieve the same look with dark or black skinny jeans.  I love the mixing of the prints with the stripe top and keeping it edgy with a leather mini.  For the fall I’d add tights and booties to complete the look!

fall_leopardsource: Sincerely Jules

Love these very easy pairings with the skinny jeans, a leather jacket and the fabulous leopard scarf, perfectly draped.  The leopard sweater mixed with the boyfriend jeans makes for such a chic casual outfit.

fall_leopard-2source: Pinterest (I could not find the true source so if you know, please let me know and I’d be happy to update!)

And some of our jewels that could be paired with these outfits easily.  The key is that you want to leave the leopard print as the main accent so the jewelry should complement it.  Our Layered Gold Chain Necklace is the perfect piece to add over any of the tops from the chambray shirt to the leopard sweater.  It won’t take away from the outfit but will add just the right amount of bling.  And you could actually skip the bracelets and just layer up your rings.  We love wearing a few rings on each hand to mix up our looks!


How to be successful (+ free printable!)

We live in this digital world where it’s so easy to see and envy other people and their fabulous lives and successes.  I fall into that all the time where I get stuck on somebody’s instagram feed and think “wow, she has the most fabulous life, why don’t I have that?”.  But I think with business, because we all want our businesses to succeed, it’s SO easy to compare with other companies and think “Why isn’t my company growing like that? My products are just as good as theirs!”

What I often remind myself is that my journey, my company’s journey, is unique to us and can not be compared to anybody else’s.  We don’t know what somebody else has gone through to get to where they are.  We don’t know the work that they’ve put in.  We all have our own ways of doing things and just because somebody is more successful than us, does not mean that we will not be successful or achieve what they have.  I, of course, do pay attention to competition out there as it’s a necessity in our business but what I’ve learned is to stop concentrating on their successes and their achievements.  It’s come a long way since we first started and I would get discouraged easily when I felt like we weren’t growing in the direction we wanted to grow – and even to this day I get discouraged but I’ve stopped looking at other people and other businesses to compare myself and my business to.

Focus on yourself, on your business, and I promise you that you will head in the right direction.  Focusing on others’ successes puts your energy in the wrong direction and does not help in any way.

To put it bluntly:


If you feel you’ve fallen into the trap: Keep this in mind to remind yourself to keep working on yourself and forget the others!  We made it into a printable just for you so feel free to print it out and frame it.


click here for the printable version


Think Pink Fundraiser – October 2nd at the Four Seasons

I (Jen) will be one of the 16 bloggers walking the runway at the Four Seasons Chicago on October 2nd raising money for the Lynn Sage Foundation!  I would love to meet/see you there and entry is by donation.  We would love to request a $20 donation or if you donate $50 you get a front row seat!  Event and pre donation details are here.

Fabulous fashions by Nicole Miller will be showcased down the runway while my friend Janet from the blog Fashion-a-holic will be hosting and styling the festivities.  Please see below for all the details and feel free to shoot me an email if you have questions!


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