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Think Pink for Spring!

Spring is here and pink is one of our favorite colors for the season! Just a few photos for inspiration and some of our favorite pieces from our line.  Happy Spring!0620150129-DSC048411-interiors-by-annika-von-holdtSK006P-3tumblr_le6yj8ZZA91qf8e80o1_500DSC0578963060022$!900xSK012PP

Friday Inspirations: Heels

Something that I love as much as jewelry?  A great pair of heels.  Thought I’d gather some of my favorite shoe inspiration for this lovely Friday.

c5e09af4835982c0f25773e91f1f4cb4 6317342fdd7ac094d173be1f080e44bd 261cf3a816b9011390e1713c4885e517 a1a22e4d2faed44b62da4b3f1b350132And to leave you off with a fabulous quote!

heels_wftwHave a great weekend!

Style It: Chic Happens Sweatshirt

I’m not a casual kind of girl and I’ll be honest, I don’t ever wear sweats or sweatshirts but since designing my own I realized, wow these are comfortable!  How did I not wear these before?  The hardest part for me at first was how do I wear these without looking “too” casual.    So I paired my Chic Happens Sweatshirt with a classic chambray shirt, ripped jeans (my favorite right now) and some leopard pumps.


chichappens1 chichappens3 chichappens4 chichappens5Chic Happens Sweatshirt    |     Chambray Shirt     |     Le Frame Denim     |

Leopard Louboutins (budget similar)     |    Chanel Bag  |     Luxe Pearl Cluster Necklace

Change out my pumps with some comfy converse sneakers to run around with my kids and I’m set for the weekend.  How do you wear sweatshirts?

And yes I literally took these photos a week and a half ago and now the snow is all gone. Yes to spring!

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