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Fab Feature: Shai from Drunk on Shoes

Another segment of our Fab Features series is here and we’re so happy to put the spotlight on Shai from fashion & lifestyle blog Drunk on Shoes. This girl is talented, down to earth and has seriously enviable style. Get to know her better by reading her interview below, see how she styles some of our favorite new items from t+j Designs and be sure to check out her blog and instagram for endless style inspiration & laughs (she’s got a sense of humor that’s contagious).
T+J: Tell us a brief summary about yourself and what you do
Shai: Hi t&j lovers!  My name is Shai and I am the crazy brains behind  I’m just your typical corporate tax gal serving up my personal style on the side and living life in the most hectic but enjoyable way.  I live in Chicago in the West Town neighborhood with my two favorite dudes, my hubby and my pup.  Most days you will find me buried in tax work while trying to fit in blog shoots and city exploring.  It’s been one of the biggest challenges of my life to juggle both but I think if I wasn’t busy or stressed in some way, I would be completely bored out of my mind.  I absolutely love meeting new people and it has been the best outcome of my blog to meet other creatives and like-minded individuals who keep me inspired to push forward on this little project of mine.  I am obviously Instagram obsessed as it is the fastest way for me to put out my photos and connect with people from all over.  Most recently I have found a deep love for SnapChat (drunkonshoes) and I love hearing from my followers personally as they see parts of my real life that sometimes doesn’t show on the blog or my IG.  I hope you all follow me and enjoy my work!

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T+J: Why did you start your blog? and When?

Shai: I started my blog back in 2011 as a creative outlet away from my corporate life.  I wouldn’t say I am the most fashionable person but I know what looks good on me and I thought it would be fun to start a blog about my personal style.  I also love writing about my experiences and rambling about whatever is on my mind, although it’s been harder and harder to find the time to do that.  I don’t really take myself so seriously so I like to make fun of myself in my content.  Yes, most of the time I am fully aware that I am completely ridiculous.  Currently I am really enjoying playing around behind the camera instead of in front of it.  I love photography and I am always pushing for creative shots and different perspectives.  I started playing around with shooting some of my fellow fashionistas at NYFW and I had so much fun.  I hope to do more of that in the future so you can catch my photos on other IG accounts.  Woop!
T+J: What are top 3 style tips on getting dressed in the morning?
Shai: I like to think about my schedule first and what I will be doing throughout the day.  That usually dictates the height of heel I am able to withstand.  Ha!  Contrary to what you may think, the shoes are usually the last thing I think of when I put together my outfit.  This is probably because I have so many that I’m almost certain I have something to go with any outfit I can dream of.  My advice would be to start with one key piece you really want to wear and build from there.  And since I am so NOT a morning person, I try to think of my outfits the night before so it’s less time in the morning just staring at my closet.
T+J: If you could have anyone’s closet who would it be (or who is your style icon)?
Shai: Nicole Richie for sure!  She is really adventurous but whatever she wears always looks amazing.  She experiments a lot with her hair styles which I find so awesome.  I just absolutely love how eclectic her style can be.  She’s really grown into an amazing style icon.
Brand new rings from our Fall collection
T+J: What do you love about blogging and what do you not love?
Shai: Like I mentioned, I love meeting people.  Especially if it’s someone I follow myself.  I love getting to know them in real life and hearing about their creative process and what inspires them to do what they do.  Other people inspire me so much and each one comes with such interesting perspectives and it really opens up my mind to new ideas.  I especially love meeting the people behind the camera because I love photography!  I can sit for hours and chat with someone about their shots and picking their brain about different techniques that I could apply to my own photography.  Sure my husband takes the photos but I’m the one working on post editing.  Fixing lighting and contrasts and playing around with different aesthetics is really fun for me but also really time consuming.  I put a lot of work into my photos and my posts and I love exploring different shots and angles.  I actually follow a lot of photographers on Instagram as a way to keep my creative juices flowing.
Which kind of brings me to what I don’t love about blogging these days.  With such a saturated market, I find that most fashion bloggers are no longer motivated to be overly creative.  It’s all about pushing content and product, which I totally understand, but there is no adventure.  I also feel like there is a lack of transparency and honesty out there.  Sometimes you can follow a blogger for a year and yet not really know who they are.  They come off with no scars or flaws and that’s just not real to me.  As bloggers, we should aim to connect with people and not just push product, and to do that we need to show who we are.  The photos might be edited but we shouldn’t edit the messages we want to send out.  Don’t edit your personality or your life so much that it becomes a fantasy world that your audience can’t relate to.  I enjoy blogs that inspire me either with imagery or content that is thoughtful, different, and entertaining.  I appreciate blogs that challenge me and push me in my own work and I truly appreciate brands that allow an open creative process because really that’s why I started blogging in the first place.  I want my followers to know that my life is not perfect.  And though the imagery might look pretty, I have struggles just like anyone else and that I am still a real person with flaws, and yes.. a huge potty mouth.  Sometimes in this blogging world where you start to feel like you are replaceable, it is really hard to remember to see past the numbers and dollar signs and to keep it real.
Special thanks to Shai for taking the time to share a bit of her story and her refreshing view on the blogging industry.  She is also a local Chicago gal and we love her style, smarts, and smile! Stay tuned for more Fab Features coming soon!

t+j Designs Pop Up at Presidio Event

Pop in for some cocktails and join us on September 23 as we team up with Presidio for their new monthly pop-up series. Look forward to a night of cocktails, a sneak preview of the t+j Designs Fall collection, shopping styles of $30 & under, and tastings from Chef Shaun Connolly. Can you think of a more perfect evening? Find all of the details on the invite below!
T&J pop up invite

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