3 Simple and Chic Beach Outfits

Summer calls for the beach and the beach calls for cute outfits. Beach outfits have turned into something bigger these past couple years. Fashion bloggers have really turned “beach looks” into the next big thing. If you are headed to the beach, here are three simple outfits you can wear slay:

Rock your swimsuit! 

What a better way to wear your bathing suit than with styling it with some cute bottoms and summer accessories! The best way to wear anything pom pom, is at the beach! Styling pom poms with your beach outfit is our favorite way to accessorize! This tote is perfect for the beach and is now on sale, and this kimono can double as a swimsuit cover up (on sale too!) They match perfectly with our swimsuits and you’ll look simple and chic. (Champagne Problems Swimsuit, Do Not Disturb Hat)

Leaf it to the Palm Print

Not only is palm print super trendy right now, but wearing it to the beach would only make sense! It’s such an easy slip on and pairing it with a summer hat tops the whole look off! What’s really great about this look is that you can wear this dress anywhere! It’s a gorgeous dress for the summer and you can’t go wrong! (Do Not Disturb Hat, Palm Leaf Maxi Dress)

Graphic Tees!

Another great beach outfit is a summer graphic tee! These tees are so fun to style for the beach. Pair them with some cute shorts and some sunnies and you are ready to go! (Pool Girl Tee, Mirrored Pink Sunglasses, Cabanas and Cocktails Tee, Pink Goddess Sunglasses and Hola Beaches Tee, Silver Aviator Sunglasses)

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