$5 Jewelry Pieces You Need in Your Jewelry Box

Do you ever see someone wearing such simple jewelry and think to yourself, “How do they make that look so cute!?” I understand the frustration. I feel like sometimes it seems impossible to make jewelry look good with what I’m wearing, and I’m guilty of skipping the jewelry step. I also don’t spend a ton of jewelry because I tend not to style it with my clothes but new year new me! T&J Designs has collection of jewelry that is $10 and under and it’s only until this weekend! What a steal huh? For those of you wanting a jewelry box refresh I wanted to show you some key styles at $5 and how to style them.

These $5 White and Black Clover Czech Stone Champagne Earrings are the perfect classic, chic pieces with the touch of crystals that make them special.  Wearable everyday and there’s no need to worry about outfitting challenges.  It matches pretty much any outfit.

If you love vintage jewelry, than these Gunmetal and Gold Antique Inspired Brooch Necklaces should be in your jewelry box. For only $5, they’re a steal and the details are special.  I love these with a simple necklace, top and no earrings.  Not too trendy and vintage inspired, they are guaranteed to be worn with multiple outfits.  My favorite, a white button down and jeans with this necklace peaking out.

How cute are these pieces? They’re different and simple. What is also great about these is that you can really wear these with just about anything. A simple black dress, a romper, a colored top, the options are honestly endless! All of these gorgeous pieces are also $5! (Lucite Blue Medallion Necklace, Lucite Black Medallion Necklace, Green Brooch Necklace, Star and Moon Earrings, Crystal Cluster Ear Jackets, Circle and Bar Gold Delicate Necklace)


If you are a bow fanatic, you’ll love these Black and Mint Bow Necklaces! They’re so stylish and fun! These would look adorable with a polka dot shirt or even a striped shirt. If you are a wearing a solid colored top, the black would look great!

These Black, White, Red, and Blue Enamel Spike Bracelets are so chic. They look so cute on, plus they’re super simple. Try layering up on these bracelets with other bracelets! Good arm candy helps to form your outfit too!

Inexpensive jewelry is always a plus, but when they are wearable everyday or with multitude of outfitting options, you win! These are just a couple of jewelry pieces in the $5 or $10 jewelry collection. Check out the rest here!

Happy (jewelry) styling,

Rema, xx

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