5 Reasons Why You Need to Pop the Champagne With Girlfriends

The two best things in life: champagne & girlfriends. When you combine the two, only great things happen. Connections, laughs, and memories. If it’s been a while since you and your gf’s have had a champagne moment, I’m here to inspire you on 5 reasons why you need to pop the champagne with your girlfriends ASAP! Some of the items shown are an extra 30% off if they are on sale! Use code, STEALIT30, and shop here!

#1 Connecting with girlfriends.

There is something about having champagne with your closest friends that makes connecting with them so much more better. Sharing laughs and maybe even tears keeps that friendship so much more alive with a side of your favorite champagne.

(Bloggers from left to right: OnceuponadollhouseJulzchez, Onceuponadollhouse, Marlena Begier, Caroline Taft.

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#2 Who Doesn’t Love Champagne?

I promise you the moment you make plans with your girls and say “I’m bringing champagne” no one will say no! Something about that crisp bubbly sweet sip to change any mood! Oh, and a side of dessert 🙂

#3 Choose a favorite spot to try.

Having it at home is always a good idea because you’re comfortable and it’s always easy, but find a winery in your hometown or a new restaurant opening and plan a date! The girls will appreciate a girls night out somewhere fun and new. It’s all about a fun atmosphere, yummy champagne and good friends to make the time fly by.

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#4 You need a place to wear your killer outfit!

What a better place to wear that cute dress you bought then to a GNO! A good outfit honestly brings up your confidence and I think any girl can vouch for that. A good outfit and some champagne = pure happiness.

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#5 Celebrations!

Did anyone graduate? Someone getting married soon? Job promotion? Is a friends-aversary coming up? There is so much to celebrate for! Call up your favorite girls and if there is nothing to celebrate, it’s not a bad idea to celebrate having the best girls around you always.

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Live life with the best girlfriends.  Here’s to popping champagne with your favorite gals!



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