Bestie Valentine’s Day: A Guide On What to Wear

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be celebrated with your significant other? Make Valentines Day be about you and your closest girlfriends this year! Glam it up and look your best. At T&J Designs, there are so many looks you can choose from. We have pink sequin skirts, pink striped skirts, V-DAY inspired graphic tees, and so much more. We hand selected our favorite V-DAY looks, and created a guide for you on our site! To give you some more inspiration, we did a Valentines Day shoot with one of our favorite bloggers in Chicago, Once Upon A Dollhouse, Caitlin and Dani. To get to know them better we asked them a couple questions. Take a look at our photo shoot, and our cute interview with Caitlin and Dani!

vday collage

1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
Do we have to pick just one?! Without a doubt, it has to be working alongside each other. We are best friends and we get to spend every day together! We often refer to one another as the yin and yang. We are the perfect complement to each other and our creativity plays off of one another. 
Photo Jan 11, 2 48 58 PM
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2. How did you girls meet?

This has to be one of our favorite questions! Of course we have a story behind it. Shall we start with Once upon a time… ?

We met by a combination of serendipity and magic at a Fire & Ice party. Caitlin was doing the PR and Dani came with a mutual friend. We began talking at had an instant soul-sister connection. Soon enough, we became roommates and moved into the glam pad that will forever be remembered as our life-size Dollhouse.

Once Upon a Dollhouse was officially launched in January, 2016 to chronicle our best friend adventures and celebrate the beauty of life. In this world, our ultimate goal is to share positivity and inspire our fans and followers to become their healthiest, happiest self.

Photo Jan 11, 3 08 47 PM

3. How do you manage your blog between two girls?
It’s all about balance. We balance our friendship with our business to keep our motivation, consistency and vibrant energy in tact. 
It’s important for us to always be in constant communication, so that we can maintain an authentic brand message that we are both proud of. We encourage each other and celebrate our ideas and every milestone we hit along the way.
Photo Jan 13, 3 44 45 PM
 Red and Black Bow Pencil Skirt (50% off, code STYLESTEAL50)
4. What advice do you have for other girls that want to blog?
Our advice is to follow your heart and share your sparkle! We love to connect with new bloggers on the scene – especially those who make the world a better, brighter place.
5. Where do you hope to see onceuponadollhouse in the next year or so?

We hope to share our fairytale with more and more people every day. One of our goals for 2017 is to bring our audience more video content and to travel more. We’ll cover all these adventures on the blog!

eatglitter, donut
6. Describe each other in 3 words.
Caitlin (described by Dani): Unicorn, Goddess, Cheerleader (and Princess for good luck)
Dani (described by Caitlin): Peacock, Goddess, Starlet (and Princess for good luck)
 Photo Jan 11, 2 47 53 PM
We hope you are V-DAY inspired! If you love what you see, everything is in our Valentines Day Guide plus SO. MUCH. MORE! Huge thank you to The Dollhouse Goddesses for joining us at our photo-shoot, and for letting us get to know you! You girls are amazing. If you love bestie styling, you need to follow them on instagram HERE!
Happy (V-DAY) styling,
Rema, xx
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