Bow Frame DIY

I’m a fan of gallery walls in home decor.  I think it just brings out so much personality to your room.  I recently added a gallery wall to my office full of fun pictures and sayings that would motivate and inspire me while I worked.  I needed something that would add a bit of texture and depth to the wall so I created this DIY and wanted to share with you all the very simple steps of this super easy DIY.


Wood Frame – $3.99
Scrapbook Paper – $0.50
Paper Bow Kit – $4.99 (you can make 12 bows with this kit)
Gold Spray Paint

Step 1: Spray paint your frame to the color of your choosing.


Step 2: After the paint is dry, cut the scrapbook paper to the size of your frame, add .5 – 1 inch wider than the opening.

Step 3: Glue or tape the paper to the back of the frame

Step 4: Make your paper bow

Step 5: Glue or tape your bow to the scrapbook paper

Step 6: Hang up your frame (I used these Removable Mounting Squares) and admire your work!

bow_frame_diy-3 bow_frame_diy-2

So simple right? Let me know if you make one, I’d love to see how yours turned out!

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