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She Who Dares Wins

We love this quote “She who dares wins.” It’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone in many aspects of your life. It could be something as simple as trying out a trendy piece of clothing, cutting your hair or something more serious as moving to a new place or quitting your job to pursue your passion. Tiffany and Jen took a huge leap when they decided to leave the corporate world and start a business of their own, t+j Designs. Of course it wasn’t easy, but because they dared to try this new venture, they now get to do what they love every single day.


No matter how these words can relate to you, it’s important to take risks that will ultimately help you to find your authentic self. We hope this quote can inspire you heading into the weekend to do just that! Little changes can produce major results and completely boost your confidence and change your life. Stay bold, get out of your comfort zone and dare to take risks. Happy Friday!

Free Printable: Kick Ass

We love what we do.  It’s definitely hard running a business and we’ve both learned a lot not just about business but about ourselves too.  We thought it would be neat to answer one key question about our business and experience throughout this journey:

What’s the hardest part about our jobs or owning our own business?

Tiffany: The hardest part for me is time management.  But I think that’s just expected as an entrepreneur.  I don’t know one person who owns their own business that’s not working all the time!  The next thing I would say is just the sheer amount of work that needs to be done not only to sustain our business but to grow it as well.  Jen and I are always coming up with new ideas on how to grow it so we are constantly working on maintaining the current business while also working on several new ideas to continue our growth.  This makes for it to be very difficult to juggle all the hats we wear and all the ideas that we are working on.  I usually am not a forgetful person and I try to write everything down but lately, it’s been a bit crazy for us and I haven’t been able to keep up as much!  I’m working on trying to manage it all better and not get distracted when I work and just work on one task at a time.  Easier said then done though!

Jen:  A couple of things are a continuous stress inducers for me, time management and how to manage/increase our sales while keeping costs down are things that consume me.  We have an office, costs for our items, salaries, and marketing costs that are set every month; our goal is to continue to drive a strong business but the efforts to continue this is a hourly, daily, weekly task.  How to get people to love your items, want to purchase and stay as a customer is harder than you think!  Keeping on top of trends, what competitors are doing, designing new items for the months forward, I love these things but I’m also managing my team, negotiating costs and working with my production in China (at night), looking at expenses, figuring out marketing with my sister every week, and uploading and managing inventory and the website.  There’s so many things that go into designing, developing, selling and shipping a product.  In addition, we both blog, are active on social media, attend events, and network as much as possible.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to live in the now in order to appreciate the milestones and the things I’m doing.  I am continuously looking ahead and how to grow so sometimes I forget to settle down and see what we have done.  I work a lot and I could work less but I truly love what I do.  So working late nights, early mornings, waking up at 4am to check my email, I do all of this because my job has become part of my life.

And because we love our motivational quotes and printables, we had to include this one!  We love this quote because it is in fact what we try to do every day!  Obviously we do a lot in the “kick ass” part but you get the point 🙂wakeup_printable

click on the photo or here for the printable!

Pin it: Quotes

Two things that I love, Pinterest and quotes.  I mean I even have a full board just dedicated to quotes!  And if you’ve seen my office, you’ll know it’s basically wallpapered in fun and motivational quotes.  Just wanted to share my latest faves that I’ve been loving and that Shannon, our wonderful graphic designer put together so you can pin them to your pinterest boards or feel free to print out to hang in your office/bedroom! (just right click and save)wearit_wftw notaquitter_wtfw shoppingrule1_wftwHappy Friday!

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