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Style It: Earrings for the Summer

Earrings are such a great accessory during the summer.  It’s a great accent to add when you have your hair up but it also really pulls together a simple outfit.  We wanted to share a few of our favorite earrings, some tips on how to wear statements earrings and how we style them with our looks.

Tiff’s Style It:

Our 18K Gold CZ Spike Studs are hands down one of my favorites.  Not only are they lightweight, but the CZ Crystals really add quite a sparkle to such a small pair of earrings.


As you can see, I paired it with a simple patterned top and skirt for a fairly easy but comfortable day.  Because I was wearing a little bit more bling with the necklace and bracelet, the earrings made for a great accent without adding too much to the rest of the outfit.


I changed the look up for night and wore the same outfit but took off the necklace and changed to the Spring Floral Drop Earrings.  I love the look of these statement earrings and they really get a lot of attention!


Another pair that I can’t get enough of are the Pink Feather Crystal Teardrop earrings!  The color is so me as well as the sparkle!  I paired it with a fun nautical dress which dressed it up a bit and was perfect for drinks with my girlfriends.


Make sure to check out the blue version of these earrings, they are currently in our 10 for $10 flash sale!

Jen’s Style It

Earrings are a great statement if your not a necklace gal.  What I love about them is that you can go pretty glam without feeling like you are too dressy. Since summer has arrived, color has made a come back into my wardrobe.  Boyfriend denim, a colored top and these Pink Droplet Candy Earrings are an easy everyday go to for me.


Our Crystal Ivy Studs are one of our customer (also my) favorite earrings.  Since most of the time I do wear a necklace, they are the perfect size and color to pair with any of the options we have.  They are great  for every day, different from traditional studs and only $18.

crystalivystudsWorn with the Interlocking Chain Pendant Necklace

Our best selling Wing Crystal Earrings  (also in champagne and blue) are by far my most worn earrings.  Every time I wear them I get asked where I got them.  I’m comfortable wearing them during the day, but if your looking for a statement earring for a date night, party, wedding or want one statement piece that isn’t a necklace, these are the earrings I would select.

wingcrystalearringsWorn with our Swarovski Czech Stone Necklace and the Swarovski XOXO Necklace

Our  top tips for earrings:

1) If you choose a statement earring, go for a delicate necklace or no necklace at all so that the whole look doesn’t look too busy around your face.

2) If you typically wear black or white or are pretty conservative, have fun with a pop of color on your ear.  It can complete the look with a touch of summer color without being over the top.

3) Change out your earrings like you do clothes or fashion necklaces!  It can change up your mood, your style and your look

4) Looking for a statement but versatile earring?  Stick to clear or champagne colored crystals or white earrings, they go with everything.

If your still hesitant or haven’t tried a summer look on your lobes, check out our flash sale for 3 days only, summer earrings for only $10, get the look with out breaking the bank.  The Neon Pink Feather Drop Earrings are a favorite of both of ours (and our mom too!) and it’s part of the $10 special.$10earrings

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