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We’re so excited to feature the ultra-cool lifestyle and inspirational website the Wandeleur, as well as the lovely ladies behind it. This site (if you don’t know already) is a serious source for inspiration and creativity. Along with highlights of exceptional individuals AKA “Wandeleurs”, they feature highlights on travel, beauty, home decor, recipes, practical tips/tricks and overall how to tap into your authentic creative lifestyle. We spoke with Emily, one of the founders, and she is sharing some insight into what inspired the 3 ladies to start Wandeleur and what inspires them day to day. Check it out, as well as a few of the photos they shot for our Sequin Soiree Holiday Lookbook, below!


T+J: Why did you start Wandeleur?
W: Maya, Blair and I started the site because we wanted to create a place that channeled creativity to the core. We believe that everyone – from painters to accountants — is creative in their own way. Our site highlights and ignites this.


T+J: What is Wandeleur? Was it inspired by the work bloggers do?
W: Wandeleur is a creative lifestyle website where we highlight individuals that we admire and share stories that ignite an imaginative lifestyle. The stories we feature range from photography guides, to beauty routines, to interior design ideas. Ultimately, we aim to be a daily destination for those who aspire & inspire – a place where you always walk away inspired to live a more colorful life.

It certainly was inspired by the blogging community, since we’re all bloggers ourselves, but we aim for the site to expand far beyond anyone who is a blogger. We intentionally keep our content varied because we believe people are versatile, and that inspiration can be found in so many different forms.

Creative people and ideas are the heart of the site, and we’re so proud to be a part of something that helps to highlight and celebrate that mindset. If we inspire even one person every day, we consider that a success.

T+J: What is your favorite post you’ve done so far?
W: We did a post called “When Interior Design Meets Fashion” that we just adore. It’s still one of our favorites, because the photography is so unique and fun!



T+J: What inspires you on a daily basis?
W: Like the core of the site, our co-founders find inspiration anywhere and everywhere! On a personal level that of course is different depending on who you ask. Emily is most inspired by music, Maya is most inspired by other creative women, and Blair is most inspired by travel.

As a site, however, we’re inspired by other lifestyle websites that have become successful. Sites like Refinery29 are places we visit daily for inspiration and we admire the success that they’ve had!


T+J: On days when you can’t find inspiration, what do you do?
W: Read as much as possible. Surf the internet for inspiration. Or, sometimes even go offline. We’ve found that when you’re feeling uninspired, you just need to take a breather, and take in the world around you. Good things happen when you allow yourself to think.


T+J: How do you want to grow Wandeleur in the next coming years?
W: We’d love for Wandeleur to become a top lifestyle blog in the US! In just 6 months, we’ve seen so much growth, and we’re absolutely encouraged by all the amazing feedback and engagement that we’ve received.  We have no doubt that if we keep focusing on quality content, that it’ll keep growing!

Special thanks to the lovely ladies of Wandeleur for taking the time to share their story with us and Donna Hall for letting us shoot in her beautiful home! Stay tuned for more Fab Features coming soon.

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