Fall’s Guide to Wearing Sequins

It’s finally here! Fall! Bring on the pumpkins, the pumpkin spiced lattes, the pumpkin patches, the scary movies, but most importantly, the fashion! If you look up Fall fashion on Pinterest you get a variety of things. You get a lot of scarfs, beanies, booties, sweaters, sweater dresses, and cute vests. But with fashion week just ending, it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone, or just being creatively fashionable this fall and adding a little glitz and glam to your closet will liven up your wardrobe. What a better way to give a fashion statement than with SEQUINS!

Sequins can never steer you wrong and if you don’t own any sequins, don’t you worry. I’m going to provide you with some cute sequin stunners and 5 ways to style sequins for the fall.

  1. What better way to wear sequin’s than a sequin dress! dr015-1dr016-2If you’re stepping out of the house for a girls night out, or celebrating your birthday, or whatever the occasion might be, this Star Sequin Dress and Leopard Sequin Dress is the way to go. If you’re going to wear sequins, might as well go all out right?! This dress is SO cute for the fall. Style Tip: Pair it with a leather jacket, your favorite heels and a choker.
  2. If you are more of a simple gal, no worries. Try a sequin cami with some cute jeans.tp113-2__30524-1464898434-1280-1280 tp122-1You can pair this with with white jeans or even black jeans. To add more to your outfit, you can even wear tight black distressed jeans and some red pumps. The red would look awesome with your star and leopard print cami. You can wear this to work, or a dinner with a friend! So simple but creates the perfect statement. Style Tip: Rock it with some red lips and your favorite cape or blazer.
  3. A sequin skirt, for the win. There’s so much you can pair with a sequin skirt. The options are endless!sk050-2sk043_mg_6091sk041-3You could wear a sequin skirt with a chunky sweater, you could wear it with a white button down and a statement necklace for work, a cute sweater crop top would also look so cute with it! Here, we paired our Leopard Printed Skirt, and Star Sequin Skirt with graphic tee‘s and our Gold Sequin Star Skirt with a simple black tank tops. This is for more of a casual look but adding some heels with it dresses it up and you could wear this to any fancy occasion. If you do work a 9-5 job, our Black Sequin Skirt, would be ideal and you could pair it with any button down, or simple fitted tee! A long sequin skirt will also do the trick for a cute fall look. Our Silver Matte Sequin Skirt is adorable, and the perfect color to match everything! Style Tip: Pair your sequin skirt with a colored shirt and make sure to wear a statement necklace, some simple heels, and even a blazer for a more sophisticated look!
  4. We pulled some inspiration from Pinterest for the last 2 tips and I think you guys would love these! Imagine rocking some sequin pants. What? Yes! This fall look will look SO different and will create a promising crazy look, in a good way 🙂 3bd687c573783bfdd1200f0169ba298bb521ea0c452223c567db75b581204ca4c85852fdedfebfebbbcf006a36c5fba4That green look is my absolute favorite! Do you guys see how much of a statement it creates? So cute. Take any black sequins pants to dress them up too. If you want to create more of a fall look, styling a chunky sweater or cardigan/blazer with it will make it more fall! Even with booties! Style Tip: Since your sequin pants already make a statement itself, try to keep the top neutral and simple with some colored heels!
  5. Imagine wearing all white, and than rocking a colored sequin blazer. I mean if you’re always playing it safe, are you really even playing? Take an extra step with your wardrobe! b22b30ca45c615495b99cc1452aa004f0a7f8117463aa1788aa946b019f9483341ce1f6946dceee62e62ea34894a198eA sequin blazer could be worn in so many ways. It can go to very casual to very chic and fancy. And what’s really neat about it is that you could pair a sequin blazer with really anything. Weather thats shorts with tights underneath and some cute booties, or tight black jeans and some flats. There is some flexibility with how you dress your blazer, which makes fashion so fun! (If you love the sequin blazer look, be on the lookout for our sequin capes that are launching very soon!) Style tip: try styling a sequin blazer with boyfriend jeans and some killer booties! 

Now that you’ve got some ideas to get the juices flowing, don’t forget that fashion is really your preference and if you think you can pair your patterned sequin skirt with a polka dot shirt, you can rock it all with confidence!

Make sure to check out our sequin collection, Sequin Soiree, for the cutest sequin stunners!


Happy Dressing,


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