Gem La La

We’ve been MIA for almost two months due to the holidays and due to some exciting developments.  My sister and I (and our team) launched Gem La La this week which is a new concept for receiving jewelry.  Once every three months the customer will receive a fabulous reusable tote (guaranteed to be cute) filled with 5-6 quality on trend jewelry pieces that are a surprise for as low as $30 a tote.  That’s about $6 a style and a fantastic deal!  Based on our team knowledge of what are bestsellers and trending in the industry we will choose the best pieces for each quarter.  Check out the plans here, you have the freedom to just try one, two, three or four totes!  Let us know what you think and if you can share out site we would so appreciative.  We will be back at blogging and continue to bring fun information about our business, some styling and some great entrepreneur highlights.



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