My First T&J Designs Photo-shoot!


What’s really exciting about getting into the fashion field is all the of the new products you get to play with, the people you meet, and the fabulous photo-shoots you attend or are apart of! I’ve only been in the fashion/ social media field for a little over a month now, and I just know that this is who I am. Fashion has always been a part of my life even when I was in middle school and didn’t know how to dress LOL! Now I graduated college, and scored my first job with T&J Designs, and I could not be happier. One of the perks of my job is being able to prepare for photo-shoots and meet all of these beautiful models or bloggers, and establish a relationship with them! Another awesome perk is attending the photo-shoots! And I’d love to share my first experience doing the fall/holiday lookbook with T&J Designs.

Tuesday, August 30

We prepared a day before the shoot because time was so crazy and the only day we really could prepare was the day before! We hung all of our new products and started to piece them together for each model and in the order they will be standing (yes its that particular). It’s a lot more memorization that you think you would ever need. I had to remember who is wearing what and the faces of every girl, which I didn’t know any of the girls so I had to study their Instagram! Here is the not so glamorous picture of one of our layouts for our graphic tee shoot:


Once Jen and I finished preparing different looks for each shoot, we were ready to take on the big day!

Wednesday, August 31, AKA PHOTO-SHOOT DAY!

We started at 8:30 AM and went to this beautiful church in Chicago. It has the most gorgeous stairs and walk way that we just had to shoot our first look there. We shot our graphic tees and capes there and they turned out so pretty!



*all tees are on the site now , capes will launch in October

Helen was our official photographer, but her gorgeous self was involved in some shots so that’s where I took over. Let me tell you, those cameras are heavy and if you are not holding it the right way, you can seriously hurt your wrist!


After we took some pictures, boomerangs, and some selfies, we headed to the Langham Hotel!

We started off with taking photo’s on the second floor lobby! It was beautiful. The architecture was so modern and made the perfect photo. Plus I was in the shot which was so exciting and so fun to see the turn out!_mg_5727

*some looks available now but look out the next coming months for the tulle skirt and pleated midi

After about 30 minutes we headed up to the penthouse. We took a quick picture of course!

The penthouse at the Langham was BEAUTIFUL! The view was jaw dropping and I think the bathroom was the biggest hit. Let me show you why:



I had to take a picture here. The view was amazing and imagine taking a bath here while sipping some rosé. Heavenly! Plus it made the perfect picture.

During each look, I made sure every girl had their correct outfits on (of course some last minute changes) and accessories! It was so fun styling the girls, and keeping organized was totally key during that day!

Helen took some pictures in the master bedroom and they turned out so cute!_mg_6225

Great to meet those bloggers (left to right) Jenn (owner),  Mary,  Kelly, Ashley,  Jenn each of their blogs is linked and they have great style.

After about 3 hours of being in the penthouse, taking pictures, making sure all the girls had their correct outfits on, and organizing our products, it was time to go. I have to say that overall it was a blast and went by so smooth for my first shoot. I met the friendliest bloggers and gained the coolest experience of all, a photo-shoot with T & J Designs.

If you love what you see, you can get our products on our website!




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