Petite Style: Tips for styling long necklaces

3waystowear-tasselsFun Fact: I’m the shortest person in my family!  🙂  I’m a whole 5’2″ and I’m very particular about finding things that fit properly including jewelry.  Long necklaces have always been a hard thing for me to style since they tend to be too long and fall on the wrong place on me.  When things hit me at the wrong place it often cuts me off and appearing shorter is never a look that I want to go for!

Ever since we started designing longer necklaces I’ve made myself start wearing them more often and now I find that they are the perfect piece to any outfit!

My tips on wearing long necklaces – this obviously works for anyone but for a petite girl who doesn’t like to overwhelm your frame with extra accessories, here’s what works for me.

1. ADJUSTING THE LENGTH: If the length is too long, simply knot the chain at the back to a length that works for your body.  I put the necklace on in front of the mirror and pull it up to have it end right around the belly button. I then just take it up at that point and pull the chain into a knot.  Because my hair is down, nobody can ever see the knot in the back!  Another tip that I’ve used is if the chain doesn’t stay knotted use a mini binder clip.  Those super tiny ones that they have work perfectly and like I said, with your hair down, nobody will see it!

2. WEAR WITH SOLIDS: Long necklaces can be hard to pair with patterned tops as the necklace may get lost.  As someone with a short torso, I also don’t like having too many busy patterns and accessories at the midsection as it can emphasize that section which I would rather camouflage. Sticking with solids helps create a “background” to your necklace which then actually elongates the midsection as long as you keep your necklace shorter than the bottom of your top.  This is why I usually have the bottom of the necklace hit right on or above the belly button.

3. PAIR THE NECKLACE ACCORDING TO STYLE: Each of the necklaces that I’m wearing are all different styles.

THE CLASSIC: The little black dress naturally goes with a pearl piece. The tassels combined with the pearls on this necklace makes it a modern spin of the classic strand of pearls.

THE GO-TO: A tee and shorts are most people’s go-to outfit for the summer.  Take it up a notch by pairing bright separates, neutral accessories and just the right amount of bling with the pave triangle necklace.

CASUAL GLAM: I love casual glam! I actually try to go for that style most days during the summer!  I’ve never been one to forgo style just because the weather is too hot or too cold, I just work my style around the weather.  The neon works so well during these hot months and the druzy stone is such a gorgeous piece for year round but especially during the summer.  It catches the light and it really highlights the pretty iridescent color of the stone.


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