Quotable: Dream Job & Jen’s Perspective


I’m a big believer that everyone can create and make decisions to change their life for the better.  Living in the United States, we have the freedom to make choices and to change the course of our life and career in ways many people in other parts of the world can’t.  My dad came here speaking very little english and received his MBA at the University of Washington.  He would record all his lectures and use a chinese dictionary to translate everything he read and listened to.  The hard work, motivation, and courage it took for him to move to the States with my mom without other family here is amazing to me.  By the time I was in high school, he owned his own successful business and we had a beautiful home and life.  I learned from him that if I worked hard, made smart and thoughtful decisions, I could do the same.  Launching t+j Designs and how far we’ve come is an example of what we saw and learned from watching my dad and lessons from both my parents.

I’ve had jobs I didn’t like, but I figured out solutions to make it better, to be successful or to change my course of career to find something I did like.  But in every job, I worked extremely hard, I was the first in, last out of the office, I thought about how to problem solve for my bosses, to think ahead of what was needed, and networked within my business so people knew I was valuable.  If I didn’t like a situation, I would address it or figure out how to change the situation so I could move forward.  I hear from many people, “I wish I could own my own business, I hate my job, or I want to do something different”.  Everyone has the choice to do that here, make it happen and figure out how to make it happen.  If you’re really motivated, take the steps to write it all out and make decisions towards those goals and create what you want to achieve.



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