She Who Dares Wins

We love this quote “She who dares wins.” It’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone in many aspects of your life. It could be something as simple as trying out a trendy piece of clothing, cutting your hair or something more serious as moving to a new place or quitting your job to pursue your passion. Tiffany and Jen took a huge leap when they decided to leave the corporate world and start a business of their own, t+j Designs. Of course it wasn’t easy, but because they dared to try this new venture, they now get to do what they love every single day.


No matter how these words can relate to you, it’s important to take risks that will ultimately help you to find your authentic self. We hope this quote can inspire you heading into the weekend to do just that! Little changes can produce major results and completely boost your confidence and change your life. Stay bold, get out of your comfort zone and dare to take risks. Happy Friday!

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