The Ultimate Holiday Outfit For Every Girl

Sometimes we get so wrapped up with buying presents for our loved ones that we forget about ourselves! Not only are the holidays the best because, A, presents and B, family, but its another reason to find a cute outfit to celebrate it all in. I’ve rounded up three kinds of girls in the fashion world and what outfit would be cute for each!

Casual Girl

Nothing says casual than with a cute holiday graphic tee. Who says you cant style this for Christmas? We love our tee paired with a red jacket and some black denim with matching shoes. But, if you want it keep it even more casual, some distressed denim and some cute sneakers will do the trick!  TIP: if you don’t have a red jacket, try it paired with our Black and Red Bow Cape! (Shop all our holiday tees here)


A holiday dress is probably my personal favorite. I love a glam dress to celebrate the best time of the year and plus, it’s an excuse to dress up cute! These dresses are so festive and perfect for New Years too. (Red Velvet Sweetheart Dress, Red Pleated Dress, Star Lace Dress)


If you are kind of in-between casual and glam- I would say you are a chic kinda girl. These two looks would be perfect for you. Our Mocha Gray Grommet Sweater paired with some boyfriend jeans and white boots will do the trick. This look is so elevated and different which makes it so chic. Love it paired with a news boy cap too. If you still want to dress up, our Black and Red Bow Pencil Skirt with a simple black top is very holiday esque.

Which looks are your favorite? Shop this all on T&J Designs.

Happy holiday styling,


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