Top 3 Tips To Find Style Steals!

The biggest fashion heartbreak is when you find something you LOVE and it’s way over your budget. We’ve all been there. Here are three tricks to getting that item you love within your budget:

  1. Google the item! Sometimes stores carry the same items for even better prices. If you google the name or description of the item, you will find something similar or even the same piece!ย When trying to find a top, try using key words like “dupes” or “small business” or “inexpensive”. That helps to narrow down your search.
  2. If you really love it- check back in a week. Sometimes stores have random sales and you might catch it at the perfect time!
  3. Did we forget about Pinterest? You will find SO much on Pinterest with a simple search like “Gingham Ruffle Top.” Pinterest will be your best friend in this research process!

Below are some prime examples of finding a dupe of an item you love!

This Camo Jacket is $1,575. With a little research here is what you can find:

This Camo Star Sequin Jacket is only $72! Winning! Perfect for the fall and even some chilly summer nights! Plus this jacket has sequins so it’s a better win in my eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Gingham Smocked Off the Shoulder Top is $395! It’s easy to think you may not find something that would have a great fit or material but not until you look:

This beautiful Blue Striped Peplum Bow Top is basically a dupe! It’s not gingham but the style matches the luxury item perfectly and for only $78.


How gorgeous is this Striped One Shoulder Ruffle Top? It runs for $118! Though it’s not too bad of a price, doesn’t hurt to try. Right?

Hello $38 dupe!! No it’s not the same, but the price is amazing and almost identical. The power of research can heal your fashion heartbreak ๐Ÿ˜‰ Grab it now!

This dress is absolutely gorgeous and $475. The details and the lace is beautiful. Sometimes dresses like these ARE worth your money if you are going somewhere special. But still, why not try to find something for a better price?

This Black Star Lace Dress is ONLY $86! With some minor differences, it’s still gorgeous! This dress is perfect for birthdays or date nights! PLUS save 20% off this dress using code LOOKGOOD20.

This Smocked Off the Shoulder Dress has the most beautiful sleeves! Love the pattern on this as well. Only downfall is that it is currently $495. *sad face* But..

…You can get THIS dress for only $58! Want it EVEN less? Get 20% off this dress using code LOOKGOOD20!ย It’s so comfortable and the sleeves are my personal favorite! Styling it with a nude shoe is always a good idea as the dress itself is a statement!

Cheers to fashion research! Add THAT to your resume. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you already do fashion research, you are already ahead of the game!

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