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We’ve welcomed some fabulous new ladies to our team recently and decided to put together a small series to introduce each girl! First up is Brittany, our Wholesale and Social Media Manager. She will be working alongside Jen and Shannon at our Chicago office, and you may recognize her from her very own Chicago based style blog, The F Bombs. She’s outgoing, quirky and her energy is totally infectious! Her first week was at one of our busiest times as we were shooting our Fall/Holiday ’15 Lookbook and hosted a holiday shopping event the next night! She was thrown right in and completely embraced it. We are thrilled to have her on our team!


T+J: Tell us a little about yourself Brittany!  What are 5 things you think we should know in 5 sentences?
B: Hi everyone! I was raised in Wisconsin and I’m a HUGE football fan, my team is the four time Super Bowl Champs The Green Bay Packers! I have a Musical Theater degree from Columbia College of Chicago. Although I do not perform as much as I used to around the city, I still am a part of a cabaret company called The Cabaret Project. I just got married to the love of my life August of this year and I’m still getting used to my new last name! And last but not least, I have a blog called The F Bombs that just turned two in late October.

View More: http://adamlesagephotography.pass.us/brittanyandmac

T+J: Why The F-Bombs for the title of your blog?  And what do you love sharing?
B: I came up with the name, The F Bombs, after my hairstylist (and friend!) suggested it. I was naming off all the things I love – Fashion, Food, Friends, Family, Fun – and she thought it would be a cute idea. After thinking about it and playing around with more “cutesy” blog names, I decided it had to be The F Bombs because it’s totally me – a little bit quirky and memorable.

I love sharing fashion and lifestyle with my readers. My fashion is a mix of current, in-season pieces, with wardrobe staples while keeping everything within a reasonable budget. (As a newly married woman I’m on a budget so you may see me in the same pieces a few times over but that’s ok, it’s me being real with my readers!) I love sharing all aspects of my life which I think makes The F Bombs an approachable fashion and lifestyle blog that helps inspire women to be their very best!

View More: http://adamlesagephotography.pass.us/brittanyandmac

T+J: So far you’ve joined the team and been thrown into our busy season.  We love having you. What have you loved so far, and what has been hardest so far?
B: Thank you! I love being a part of the team! I have absolutely loved interacting with our customers both on social media and wholesale. I thrive on the excitement our customers get when they order our pieces, share them on social media, or buy them at a party and it’s so exciting to work for a company where I’m not only passionate about the pieces but the customers are as well.

I think the most challenging part is learning everything and fast! Since I came on board during the busy season I have had to learn a lot in a short amount of time but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I was forced to figure things out (with the help of the entire team of course!) and although I’m still learning, the challenge is to perfect my processes and stay organized as we get even busier!

T+J: Your favorite place to eat in Chicago?
B: Oh goodness! This is a tough one! My husband and I live in the West Loop and we are surrounded by amazing food all the time. I think my top three are Au Cheval for burgers (if you can ever get in of course!), Little Goat for dessert and diner food, and Hello Taco for Mexican. I really like food!!


T+J: Your favorite drink?
B: Champagne or beer! I love the fizz. 🙂

T+J: Your favorite place to shop?
B: Anywhere online! t+j Designs (Of course!!), ChicWish, J. Crew, and Old Navy are some of my favs.


T+J: Your top 3 favorite t+j item?
B: This a tough one as there are so many amazing items this season! I would have to say the velvet cape is my hands down favorite. It’s my philosophy that everyone needs this in their closet as it makes the perfect sophisticated statement. My favorite earrings are the Champagne Luxe Wing Crystal Earrings because of how versatile they are and my all time favorite t+j Designs piece is the Pop the Champagne tee! It was my very first t+j purchase even before I started working here and I get compliments each and every time I wear it! Wait, I’m sensing a champagne theme here!


T+J: What you are looking forward to in the next year?
B: Next year I am looking to grow our wholesale accounts into other Midwest cities besides Chicago and it’s surrounding suburbs. I believe that every boutique and gift shop need to have some t+j in their store because the price points are fantastic and it’s adorable product to boot!! I’m also looking to grown our social media accounts as well. I’m looking to grow on Instagram following to at least 100K by this time next year and really use Pinterest as a driving social media platform. I have lofty goals but I know with the support of Jen and Tiff (and the rest of the amazing team) we can only go up from here!!


Welcome to the team, Brittany! Stay tuned for other “Welcome” posts as we introduce the rest of our fabulous new team additions.

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